Community Build: baugruppen matchmakers

Community Build is a resource for matching people who want to join a baugruppe with projects, and projects with land. One project listed here is Slice London, a group of self-builders in East London: they were in the architectural press recently, and – as The Guardian reports – are interested in building on a former 2012 Olympics site. The LLDC (London Legacy Development Corporation) is mulling it over and inviting further expressions of interest. More on Slice London soon, I hope: it’s currently the only London baugruppe (that I know of).

Update: Look carefully, and you’ll see that the LLDC is being coy about what they might commit to. Probably the best thing they could do is just sell the land, blunting the price a bit: the group decides what to build (subject to planning and building regulations, obviously). But I’m worried that they’re thinking only that buyers get to tweak the layouts and outdoor spaces. If they start talking about ‘partnership with a developer’, run: that’s not what a baugruppe is about.


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