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Self-build policy changes in the UK

The UK’s coalition government has made some policy changes in favour of self-build. You can see an overview of the changes here. One key change is full exemption from any sort of charge for infrastructure (i.e. the ‘Community Infrastructure Levy’) as discussed in my last post, on the former Olympics site in Stratford. More information about that here.


Berlin baugruppe projects compared

Dessau graduate student Winnie yuen-pik Chan has done a comparative study of Berlin baugruppe projects:

The comparison between a private developer project and a baugruppe project on pp. 61-64 is interesting. This is a German private development, so decently large. The baugruppe advantage here is cost.

UK self-build pioneers

Oliver Wainwright describes two group self-build schemes; one in Lancaster, another just outside Leeds. These two projects both emphasise building a sense of community, and have design features – such as a communal kitchen in Lancaster – to reinforce that. This might be a step too far for some, so it’s worth bearing in mind that you don’t have to sign up for everything good and holy just because you’re building as part of a baugruppe.