Building in the green belt: 1

This is a post in two parts. In this first part, I'll set out some reasons for considering green belt development. In the second part, which will follow (eventually), I'll describe a test case proposal for a specific green belt site. Introduction People have made good arguments for developing some of London’s green belt as housing. … Continue reading Building in the green belt: 1

Self-build policy changes in the UK

The UK's coalition government has made some policy changes in favour of self-build. You can see an overview of the changes here. One key change is full exemption from any sort of charge for infrastructure (i.e. the 'Community Infrastructure Levy') as discussed in my last post, on the former Olympics site in Stratford. More information … Continue reading Self-build policy changes in the UK

‘Benefits to bricks’

Not directly relevant to baugruppen but still interesting as an indication of a shift in housing public policy: housing benefit funds may be devolved to pay for social housing. The IPPR recommended this, and the Commission on London Finance, established by the mayor, now backs it.